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Patent Help

Are you an inventor, a designer, a small business, a corporation, or just a plain and simple someone who came up with a fantastic idea? Do you need patent help to protect that idea?

Regardless of who you are, we can help you, not only with your patent, but with much more.

From experience, we know that people in your position have lots of questions about patents. Getting patent help means  getting answers to these questions. To assist you, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions–and answers–about patent help:

1) Is your idea just a concept in your head that you are looking to protect before you go any further?

If this is the case, you may be in need of an industrial designer. Industrial designers specialize in the design, ergonomics, and aesthetics of new products. They can assess your idea and, based on your target market, make sure it fits the needs and wants of the consumers you are trying to reach. So before you request patent help and submit your idea for a patent, make sure it looks right and meets the needs of consumers.

2) Do you have your idea sketched, drawn, hand-drawn, hand-rendered, or even doodled?

Great! But before you request patent help, you need to make sure your idea is feasible and functional. A team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers can get involved at this stage to ensure it is possible to manufacture your idea. Mechanical engineers can begin forming your idea into a CAD model, which can then become the basis for the figures needed for your patent drawings. This step is a head start to the patent help you need.


Patent help | Ideas sketched
Patent help with ideas sketched

3) Is your idea in some sort of CAD software, either Solidworks, Catia, Ryno or any 3D program?

Fantastic. If you already know the look of your idea and that it’s possible to manufacture it, our team can create patent figures from your 3D model. At this point, the only patent help you need is matching the perspectives and views to the writing of your patent.

Patent help with concepts in CAD
Patent help with concepts in CAD

4) If you are ready to go with drawings and just need patent help in the areas of writing and filing, you are in the right place.

We can help! Being a product design firm, we understand how the patent information has to relate to each drawing. We also know how to present this information to a patent firm, ensuring that your patent has all the right information in all the right places.

5) Have you hand-drawn your patent drawings and have them ready to file, but need computer-drawn versions?

Not to worry. We will draft each figure and clean up your sketches or drawings.

Patent help with concepts hand drawn

6) Do you have all your computer-made drawings ready to file, but need someone to help number the drawings in a way that meets USPTO specs?

Not a problem. We can number your figures and set them up with the proper margins.

Patent help with Numbering your patent Figs
If you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We can answer questions like:

What is a patent?

What types of patents exist?

When should I file for a patent?

How much will it cost to file a patent?

And so many more!

Patent help is what we do at Spark Innovations. Regardless of what stage you are at with your patent idea, we can help you along the way. Our product development firm is a one-stop shop in bringing your ideas to life. Contact us today for a free consultation. Feel intimidated and worried about your ideas getting into the wrong hands? No worries. Sign an NDA and we can chat freely.