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Product Design and Prototyping

Spark Innovation’s product design and prototyping service is everything you need: thorough and precise while offering the utmost in quality and reasonable costs. Product design takes place in-house and, because we have our own 3D prototyping printers in our offices, we are able to offer the most competitive prices for prototyping services. With the most advanced technology in 3D prototyping right at your fingertips, you can be assured a quick turnaround and complete quality control. Check out a project that was recently 3D printed from our Objet30:

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Product Design and Prototyping

Product Design and Prototyping at its finest.


Prototyping involves more than the 3D printing aspect. The 3D printing can be a primary part of the process, or even the entire piece, but in some cases the prototype needs to be completed to be a working prototype for a presentation or market analysis. Some prototypes need to look and feel like a final production piece and we know just how to achieve that level of quality and performance. If you need beautiful and functioning prototyping, our product design and prototyping department will provide it. In fact, people will never even see a difference between the prototype and the real deal. These are two examples of perfectly functioning prototypes:

Functioning Prototype for Product Design
Functioning Prototype - Industrial Design

Product Design

Choosing the right product design team is vital to the success of your product. This team of professionals will design and create your vision. They will build and generate the final product that will end up in the hands of consumers. With Spark Innovations, you have made the right choice. Our product design team is the foundation and essence of your project and prototype.

Sketch - Prototype to a final product

Product Design and Prototyping to complete a product.

We will help you determine your exact prototyping needs, based on your product design goals and budget. Whether you need a prototype in the product design process to make the idea tangible, in the design phase to analyze proportions and ergonomics, or to meet specific requirements for a marketing presentation or a retail proposal, our product design and prototyping team will ensure you are well taken care of.