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Product Design Development Toronto

When you have an idea for a great product and you need help bringing it to life, you need a product design development firm. A product design development team can transform your idea into a real product, focusing on low-cost production so you can increase your profit!
Product design development companies will evaluate your concept, give you input, and contribute to your idea. From there, they will start preparing sketches for a conceivable product. The team of product designers and mechanical engineers will then reproduce your chosen sketch in a CAD 3D program. During this process they can define materials, colors, and textures, and you will be able to visualize your idea as if it were real.
After you approve this 3D model, the file is prepared for rapid prototyping or 3D printing. Once printed, you will have a rough three-dimensional, 1-to-1 scale model of your idea. This model is called a functioning prototype. The model can be painted to match the exact colors and feeling of your product. This functioning model is used for presentations, marketing material, and ergonomic testing.
If you are ready to go ahead with manufacturing, the product design development team will use your final 3D file to create manufacturing molds that can be quoted on and produced. Samples are sent and changes are made if necessary. Once you are satisfied with your product, manufacturing can start.
A product design development team also protects your idea by working with expert patent agents to create a complete patent application. The patent drawings are taken from the CAD drawings and all figures are numbered according to the product descriptions and claims.
A product design development team can also bring in graphic designers to make sure your brand is complete, with a logo, business cards, packaging design, and even a website. After all, who knows your product better than the design development team? They can offer expert guidance to the graphics team to ensure your branding is consistent with your vision.

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