What is Idea Generation?

The first step of product development might just be the trickiest part of it all; developing the idea. Idea generation is often the fork in the road that many entrepreneurs hit, as they try to perfect their idea and vision right from the get-go. But what many entrepreneurs do not notice, is that many of these final perfect ideas result from innovating their current ideas and from trial and error.

Idea generation is a process involving several steps in order to generate ideas with a focus to move onward to production of your vision. During this process, your ideas take storm as you creatively encompass and bring together thoughts, ideas, concepts, in which become the foundation of your innovation of the product.

How to Get Started Developing Your Idea

You might wonder, how do I start this idea generation and develop my idea further?

A good way to begin is product validation. Product validation is the act of making sure that your idea is feasible and will work in the real world. You can ask yourself some questions such as: do people need it, will there be demand for the product? Will your product survive in the market? Is it competitive enough? How can you stand out from your competitors? What is your competitive advantage? All these questions are something to keep in mind when generating your idea further and thinking of different routes to take with your idea.

Product development is one of those things that quickly can become a confusing process filled with webs of thoughts, ideas, and brainstorms. It is crucial to generate your idea to the fullest and think of every solution to a potential problem before you start to build your prototype.

The product development of a phenomenal idea starts with many alterations, many contributions, and many tweaks all to create the absolute perfect one. This is why idea generation is so important, as every little idea will need some change or altering in order to perfect it.

Mind mapping is a good way to start to directly transfer everything you are thinking of to paper. You can draw connections to several thoughts, expand on each idea, and come to conclusions you never thought were possible. This is the whole point of idea generation, seeing where the path of your ideas takes you. For more assistance with idea generation, check out Spark Innovations where our amazing team will help you further concept creation and concept development, and bring your vision to life.