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Wearable Technology Design

If you are an inventor, have you ever thought about wearable technology as an option for your next great idea? Given the incredible popularity of wearable devices, it might be worth a brainstorming session to see if your idea can be integrated into some type of wearable technology.
Think about where your invention can be placed on your body: the head, wrists or ankles, fingers, chest, back, waist, or on clothing. If you can hang or tie the item from any body part or clothing to make it more user-friendly, easier to use, more efficient, or to make life easier, then you have tapped into the exciting possibilities of wearable technology design.

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The AirMouse in action

Integrating wearable technology into your design idea

To see how you might transform your idea into something wearable, let’s look at some examples of the most common wearable technology on the market today.
Small cameras are being hung from clothing, pockets, hats, chest, ears, and even glasses. Sport and personal measuring tools are being integrated not only into phones but also into rings and items that are worn on the wrists, biceps, and clothing. Tiny sensors are being placed in clothing, contact lenses, baby clothing, and adhesives that can go almost anywhere.
Whether your idea is for dental or medical/healthcare applications, sports or recreation, animals, or for the home, think about ways to make it function better by having the user wear it.

Wearable technology design

Here is an example of a wearable technology product designed by Spark innovations:
The Airmouse is a medically designed and experimentally tested computer mouse engineered to optimize mouse speed and accuracy while also reducing the pain associated with computer-related repetitive stress injuries (RSIs).This flexible glove mimics the natural joint and muscle kinematics of the human hand. It maximizes the translation of natural hand movements to the force applied to the tracking sensor. The design acts to stabilize the hand and wrist in a neutral hand posture. The Airmouse increases blood flow to the hand during mouse use and also maintains the consumer-preferred hand position of the palm face down on a flat surface during use. This minimizes stress on the physiological structures of the hand and prevents movements that result in the pain associated with repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Airmouse Wearable technology design Rendering
Airmouse Wearable technology design Sketches
Airmouse Wearable technology design Exploded
Airmouse Wearable technology design Rendering
Airmouse Wearable technology design Sketches
Airmouse Wearable technology design CAD

Wave of the future: wearable technology design

Not all designs can be integrated into wearable items, but if you can ride the wave of the future and transform your idea into wearable technology, you will have more options for marketing and expanding the target market for your device. Designing wearable technology is all about making items smarter, smaller, more efficient, more useful, and hands-free. Exercise the options for your idea with our help. Give us a call, sign an NDA, and brainstorm with us to make your new idea a reality.

The AirMouse VS a Regular Mouse
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