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Design a Product

A great idea can lead to a real-world product. When you are ready to transform the idea in your mind into a tangible, marketable product, we can help. Guiding inventors through the steps of designing products is what our company does every day. Some people call it product development, some industrial design, and some think it’s all about mechanical engineering. In reality, it’s all of the above. To design a product, the first thing you absolutely need is passion. Designing a product doesn’t happen with a click of a button–it involves an entire team of people getting together to work out the details and engineer a product. The process is a lot more complicated when it involves a product that has never existed. Why? Because it means that designers and engineers not only have to imagine how it will look, but also how it will function. And it has to function properly. To ensure it works right, software tests have to be conducted, 3D 1:1 scale models have to be made, material analysis has to be carried out, and ergonomics have to be factored in.

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How Do You Start to Design a Product?

If you have already started with sketches or initial concepts but find yourself uncertain where to go next, you need the answers that we can provide. Or, if you are doing research into product development because you have a great idea but no clue where to begin, we are the resource you need.
A good first step? You need your idea to be as clear as possible. The best way to do this is to get it down on paper. Sketch it or doodle it, even if you think you can’t draw. Also write down a description of your idea and include every possible detail. When you visit us or email us, you can share all of that information with us so we have a better understanding of what your idea is–after we sign an NDA of course.

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Step by Step: How to Design a Product

The product development process involves many steps, and they will not all necessarily apply to you. Some ideas or concepts are so large that there is no need for a 3D-printed prototype. Or maybe you have already built a prototype yourself and don’t need assistance with that. Or your idea may already have a form to it, so we would start by putting that design directly into our 3D software.
To help you determine where you are in the process, here are the overall steps needed to design a product: research; brainstorming; concept development; ergonomics & aesthetic styling; computer aided design; mechanical engineering; prototyping; patenting; manufacturing; and packaging and graphics.
These steps can have subdivisions of their own but this very brief overview will help you decide where you need to start in your journey to design a product.
Once you recognize exactly where you are, we can take it from there and help you design and develop your idea further. Sign an NDA and give us a call. We can answer your questions and create a custom quote based on your needs and design.

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