Helmet Design Toronto

Do you have a great idea for a helmet design to pitch to a large company? Or are you a designer in need of some serious surfacing for a helmet design? At Spark Innovations we have extensive experience designing helmets!
Whether you are a small business, designer, or large corporation, we can help you with your helmet design, from basic concepts or sketches to industrial design or renders, 3D CAD models, Class A surfacing, mechanical engineering, and a real-size 3D model or prototype!
Here are some examples of helmet designs we have worked on:

Figure Skating Helmet Design: Initial Concepts

Spark Innovations’ industrial design team rose to the challenge when asked to produce these figure skating helmet concepts under a very tight deadline and budget. Several concepts were quickly produced and the client chose the best look and fit for the product they were developing.


Figure Skating Helmet Design Concepts

SCOTT Chase Winter Helmet: Surfacing and 3D Models

The SCOTT Sports Chase series winter sports helmet was developed in conjunction with Apparatus Inc. Spark Innovations’ 3D surface development services were put to the ultimate test in the production of this cutting edge helmet design.  The extreme aesthetic requirements in this design were easily handled by our professionally certified Catia surface design experts. Many late styling changes were implemented on time thanks to Spark’s quick reaction time and close collaboration with SCOTT Sports and Apparatus Inc.

Helmet Design Toronro: Surfacing

The Lacrosse Venom Helmet: Concepts, Models, and Mechanical Engineering

For the Venom helmet, our clients needed maximum protection, superior fit, and an aesthetic suited to the fastest game on two feet. Our team worked on 23 different vapor flow vent holes to allow for maximum breathability and lightweight comfort. The helmet also featured a unique chrome/black chrome mask with U-bar connections to ensure optimal vision and protection for players during game play. Spark worked on all stages of the design for this helmet, from the initial concepts to the final CAD models.

Helmet Design Toronto

These are just a few examples of our helmet design work. We can design helmets for any sport or dangerous activity: figure skating, lacrosse, hockey, American football, horse racing, cricket, baseball, rock climbing, motorcycling, bike riding, and even construction and mining.
Let us know what type of helmet design you are looking for and we can help!