Product Design For Corporations, Large And Small Companies During The CoronaVirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic and impending recession have forced companies to become creative in order to stay focused and continue to work. Companies face extraordinary operational and financial challenges, and with every industry and business tested in unique ways. In this rapidly shifting landscape a huge 50% of companies have made special customer accommodations and set up work from home policies.

Spark Innovations is part of this new change. Complying with the recommended community efforts Spark has closed our physical office but continue offering our services to corporations, large and small.

Services We Can Help Support Your Company With

Whether you are low on staff due to the pandemic, or you regularly outsource product designers and engineers for larger projects, or maybe because of the uncertainty you my not want to hire a new staff member right now, in any of these given cases at Spark Innovations we can help you.


Looking for ideas from another perspective? Maybe from another firm? Maybe just to get outside the virtual box of the same office routine? We can help you with initial concepts, from hand sketches to initial CAD models.


Do you have your concept figured out but need a professional rendering for a presentation? We can prepare hand or CAD renderings for any of your needs.

Patent Help:

Whether you have started the entire process of the patent documentation or not, we can assist you with this or even just patent drawings. We can communicate accurately with your patent lawyers to finalize the drawings the way they need them or we can provide the service all together. Looking for just a few drawings for your design patent or your utility patent no worries we can help with just that.

Mechanical Engineering:

Have you passed all these stages and just need to complete the technical drawings to communicate correctly with your manufactures? We can do just that or design your idea from scratch. Our team of engineers will make your ideas work.

3D Printing or Prototyping:

Whether you need a functioning prototype as validation or a crisp final working model or maybe just a quick 3D print, we can help you through all the processes available and what is ideal for your projects.

Packaging, Presentations or Graphics:

If you have done many of the above processes and you are ready to take your idea to the market and start your campaigns, we can help you with any graphic work. From logos to business cards so you complete the basics, to sell sheets, instruction sheets and catalogue to present your idea in the best format. Finally, to bring it all together we can help you with any packaging design. From the die lines to the graphic design, whether its made of cardboard, plastic or a combination of both we can complete your master or inner boxes, clamshells, display packages or CDUs.


]If you are in need of an attractive animation for social media, a pitch or maybe for your website we can create striking animations that showcase your idea.


If you are in need of a one pager website or a complete online store we can quickly guide you through what you would need to showcase your idea in a user friendly matter.

Product Design For Corporations

Our flexible structure allows us to offer creative ways to deliver what you need to keep your project moving forward.

More than ever before, during this coronavirus crisis we are here to create long lasting relationships with corporations, large and small, from any industry in need of product development help.

Please feel free contact us via email or phone. We continue to provide our clients with the best service possible in moving your projects and ideas forward.