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Product Design for New Inventions and Startups

Have a great new idea? A new invention? A potential product that can make you money? Are you launching a startup company? If this sounds like you, then you will need product design help! Why do you need an experienced product designer? Read on to find out.

Product Design

Product Design for Startups

Designing a product is a complex process for a startup. There are so many factors involved in the product design process for a new invention. You have to consider appearance, materials, patents, pricing, manufacturing, and so much more. Like all inventors, you are sure to have questions like the following:

  • What is the ideal size for my invention?
  •  Who can help me with the ergonomics?
  • What colours should it have, and should it have different textures?
  • Do I need technical/CAD drawings?
  • Do I need mechanical engineering?
  • What materials should it be made of?
  • Do I need a prototype?
  • How do I make a functioning prototype?
  • Where will it be manufactured?
  • How will I communicate with the manufacturer?
  • How much should I sell it for?
  • How do I determine the retail or wholesale price of my invention?
  • Do I need to patent my idea?
  • Is my invention even patentable?
  • How do I raise money to get it tooled or manufactured?
  • How do I approach companies to sell my product?
  • Where do I even start?
Product Design for new inventions

If you have one or more of these questions, you are going to need a product design team to help you.
If this list of questions overwhelms you, do not worry. Our team at Spark Innovations has the expertise you need to develop your product and make it a success. One step at a time, through each and every phase, we can help you move forward with your idea.
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Product design help for new inventions