Product Development

The Importance of Product Development in Today’s World

Signs of intense interest in product development are all around us: websites devoted to launching products, like The Next Big Thing, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo; TV shows based on entrepreneur pitches like Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank; the immediate and steadily increasing popularity of new technology like drones, apps, and new social media channels; and news stories about angel investors placing their faith in a person’s big idea. There are always new inventions and new ideas being promoted and, with them, the promise of money, money, money! How can an inventor ensure the success of their idea in an environment crowded with other people’s inventions and creations? By finding the right product development team to transform their idea into a tangible, well-designed, functioning product.


Product development | social Influences

On any given day, we all have activities and tasks we have to complete. People have made a lot of money designing products that make these tasks easier. Maybe it is a new idea to simplify a basic task, like the Snow Shovel-Brush Shovel which makes shovelling snow faster and easier. In other cases, new ideas like the Ball Cap Liner help protect our children while they are playing a sport. Great Inventions have also been designed for medical reasons to help people live longer or cope with health issues, like this medical device for rehabilitation. In many cases new ideas or inventions are created simply to satisfy the desire to have beautiful items in our life, like these absolutely cute mini tongs.
Whatever the reasons for these new inventions, product development is the path between the idea and the final product that is taken to market.

Product Development- Snow Shovel
Product Development- Medical Products
Product Development- Ball Cap Liner
Product Development- Kitchen Products

What is Product Development?

If you have a new idea that you want to bring to the marketplace, you will have to go through the product development process. Product development takes the idea currently in your mind and puts it on paper, questioning everything about it, researching similar items, and even making sure your idea is not out there already! At this point the idea in your mind starts taking form. From here, there are many steps involved in developing your product. A team of product designers and engineers will create sketches, 3D models, renderings, CAD Drawings, prototypes and functioning models, and patent drawings to assess and analyze your product to ensure it can be brought successfully to market.

Product Development- BCL from sketch to Production

Do you have an idea for the next big thing? Contact Spark Innovations. We can guide you through every step of the product development process.