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Sports Product Design

Are you a baseball player, wrestler, snowboarder, or lacrosse player? Whether you are a participant or spectator, you’ve probably seen some very cool equipment on the playing field, slopes, or in the gym: an aerodynamic helmet, a slick snowboard, or protective equipment that looks like armour but is light and comfortable for athletes.

No matter which sport you love, you can be certain there are always new inventions being designed to make it safer or help players train better. In sports product design, some inventions are completely new and some are re-inventions of older items. Some products are remarkably simple, yet very useful, while others take advantage of the latest technologies to improve upon an existing idea. When it comes to sports product design, the possibilities are endless.


Sports Product design | lacrosse end cap to measure data

Examples of sports product design

Here are some examples of sports products from our website:
Baseball: Head protection.
Golf: Training aids, golf squares, grip helpers.
Hockey: Training aids for wrist shots and skating speed improvement devices.
Figure Skating: Helmets.
Lacrosse: Body protective gear, including arm guards, shoulder liners, shoulder pads, elbow guards, gloves, sticks, and helmets.
Wrestling: Ear guards.
Water sports: Head protection.
Snowboard: A new trick board, helmets, goggles.
Marine: Electronic whistles, mooring aids, emergency canister bracket.
White water sports: Helmets.
Gym or workouts: Exercise machine for small living spaces.


Recreational Water Sports head protection Product Design

A team experienced in sports product design

At Spark we have considerable expertise in sports product design. Our team has years of experience designing sport products, from helmets and goggles to protective gear for the body and head, and training aids for all kinds of sports. We take pride in our body of work and the many successfully designed products we have helped bring to the marketplace.
We have designed products for startups, new inventors and experienced inventors, small businesses, and large corporations like Adidas, Burton, Fox 40, Brute, and Scott, among others.
We have participated in projects from the initial stages of the design concept to the final manufacturing process. In some cases we have worked on a specific portion of the sport product design. For example, for this Chase Winter Helmet for Scott, we received the initial concept and used it to work on the mechanical engineering and surfacing of the helmet. We delivered the CAD drawings ready to be molded and manufactured.

If you have an idea for a sports product design, talk to us. We can assist you, whether you are a large corporation needing to speed up a specific design process, or a startup business or inventor with a great concept but no idea what to do next. Contact us for a free consultation.

Sport Protection Product Design